15.0 – 16.0 GHz Drop-In Circulator, Ku-band


For Ku-band radar systems, Renaissance has developed a low insertion and return loss circulator operating between 15 and 16 GHz in a compact 0.5” x 0.5” x 0.18” package.

R3G9NAF Datasheet

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Components for Auto Radar Development & Testing Applications


HXI has provided a number of customers with components in the 76 to 81 GHz range in support of the development and testing of automotive IC’s and modules. Among these components are integrated mixer/multipliers, LNA’s, power amplifiers and isolators. Both WR12 and WR-10 waveguide sizes are supported.
The integrated mixer/multiplier modules exhibit the same low conversion loss as our standalone HBM12 mixers and incorporate the same multiplier circuits as our standalone active frequency multipliers. The result is the same great conversion loss and flatness with the added benefits of smaller size and a lower price than buying two separate components.


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