9.2 – 9.8 GHz Coaxial Circulators, X-band

Ideal for radiolocation with land, airborne and naval radars, Renaissance introduces these 9.2 – 9.8 GHz X-band coaxial circulators. Each offer very low insertion loss and VSWR and can handle peak power of 250 W and 800 W, respectively.

3A8NBP/Q Datasheet

Frequency 9.2 – 9.8 GHz 9.2 – 9.8 GHz
Insertion Loss 0.5 dB 0.3 dB
Isolation 20 dB 20 dB
VSWR 1.25:1 1.25:1
Power CW 50 W 100 W
Power Peak 250 W 800 W; 10% DC
Temperature 0°C to 60°C 0°C to 60°C
Size .50” x .62” x .50” .50” x .62” x .50”
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94 GHz Foreign Object Detection (FOD) Runway Radar

94 GHz FOD Radar

For the warfighter, the applications for situational awareness utilizing imaging are unlimited. Systems are currently in use to provide radar imaging for runway approach in adverse weather, heavy smoke, or blinding sand, conditions that prohibit the safe landing of planes and helicopters in remote hostile environments.

Several major airports utilize 94 GHz FMCW radars to provide Foreign Object Detection
(FOD) on the runways. 94 GHz Antenna for FOD Radar Built utilizing COTS components,
HXI recently delivered a 94 GHz with a 1 GHz chirp bandwidth system with a detection
range of 1 km for a -20dbsm target.


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