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Series HMI & HMC Isolators & Circulators


The HMI AND HMC series broadband ferrite junction isolators and circulators are available from 18 – 120 GHz. They utilize a low loss H-plane structure in a modified Y-junction format to provide minimum loss with maximum isolation and band-width. 2 GHz bandwidths with 20 dB of isolation are standard. Wider bandwidth, high power handling and magnetic shielding are available in select units.

The isolators are commonly utilized to buffer mismatches and are often used on amplifier and
oscillator outputs. Circulators are commonly employed as signal duplexers on transceivers
having a single antenna. The in-line port orientation makes the mechanical interface more convenient than standard Y-junction types. Access pockets on the top and bottom allow for blind flange mating.

See Datasheet  http://www.hxi.com/Datasheets/HMI-RevI.pdf


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