3.1 – 3.5 GHz 3-port Circulator, S-band


Renaissance has designed an S-band 3-port circulator in WR284 waveguide. This circulator is best suited for both military and commercial applications (air traffic control,
ground base and ship borne radars), and offers the ability to handle high power while maintaining low insertion loss.

 3WR284NA-1 Datasheet

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500 – 1000 MHz Coaxial Isolator

2A2BC-ROHS logo

For test and measurement applications REC has designed an octave band isolator covering 500 to 1000 MHz in a simple package with less than 0.5 dB loss and minimum
20 dB isolation.

2A2BC-ROHS Datasheet

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27.5 – 31 GHz Waveguide Isolator, Ka-band

2WR34NA logo

Renaissance has developed a new Ka-band waveguide isolator that is designed for downconverters used in space applications. The isolator can operate between 27.5 – 31 GHz with 0.15 dB insertion loss over 5% bandwidth and 20 dB isolation and return loss. The isolators can handle 1 W forward and reflected RF power levels. All epoxy and RTV used are space qualified.

2WR34NA Datasheet

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2.11 – 2.75 GHz Ultra High Peak Power Isolator, S-band


Renaissance has designed a 20 kW peak power isolator designed to sustain 64 W CW operating at 2.110 – 2.750 GHz. The input and output connectors are 7/8” EIA and has a 5” long section for termination. With insertion loss of less than 0.6 dB and with return
loss and isolation over 15 dB, the isolator is ideal to protect a HPA from unwanted reflections. This isolator is ideal for high peak pulsed radar applications.

C1-S15337 Datasheet

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