Mechanically-Tuned Gunn Oscillators & VCOs


The HGM and HGV series Gunn Oscillators cover the range from 26.5—110 GHz. A wide
variety of designs provide the user with a solution for most applications. Units are
available with mechanical and/or electrical tuning, providing many possible tuning
configurations. Superior frequency and power stability are achieved using cavity design and diode selection. Heaters can be provided to achieve greater frequency stability.

GaAs and InP Gunns are used depending on the frequency and performance requirements. Cavity designs are mated with the proper Gunn diode to maximize performance.

Gunn oscillators are used as sources for mixer LO’s, to drive multipliers, transmitters, and radars. Options include voltage regulators, heaters, isolators, heat sinks, and micrometer tuners.

Series HGM/HGV Datasheet

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Double Junction Isolator – HMID Series

HXI’s HMID series of double ferrite junction isolators are available to cover 71-76 GHz and 81-86 GHz, with more models planned. The isolators utilize a low loss H-plane structure in a modified Y-junction format to provide minimum loss with high isolation (~40 dB).

The isolators are commonly utilized to buffer mismatches and are often used on amplifier and oscillator outputs. They also work nicely when used at the inputs to detectors in measurement applications.

HMID Double Junction Isolator

Series HMID Datasheet

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500 – 900 and 690 – 110 MHz Drop-in Circulators, UHF-band

3G2BF.    3G2BG.jpg

Renaissance has designed two drop-in circulators (UHF/Broadband) designed for CW and pulsed applications such as wireless infrastructures, RADAR, Military communication radios and duplexing applications. Operating over 500 – 900 MHz and 690 to 1100 MHz respectively, these circulators are compact in size (~ 2” x 2” x 0.6”) and are capable of withstanding 350W of CW power levels.

3G2BF(G) Datasheet

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