Precision Manual Waveguide Switches 18 to 110 GHz


HXI’s HMSW series of precision manual waveguide 4-port switches are available from WR-42 through WR-10 waveguide sizes (18 to 110 GHz). 3-channel rotors and eight 45 degree positions allow connection or isolation between any 2 ports. These switches provide superior insertion loss/isolation over the full frequency band and exhibit smooth
and precise indexing between switch positions, making them desirable for test instrumentation applications.

HMSW Series Datasheet

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Broadband Digital Attenuator

The HDA040-069 Digital Attenuator covers the range from DC to 40 GHz in 6-bit operation. Attenuation bit values are 0.5 dB (LSB), 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 dB for total attenuation of 31.5 dB above the attenuator insertion loss. Low bit errors and RMS
phase errors are characteristics of this attenuator. The attenuator is useful for communication systems, radars and in test equipment.

HDA040-069 cropped

HDA040-069 Datasheet


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7.0 – 8.0 GHz Drop-In Isolator, C-Band 7.7 – 8.4 GHz Drop-In Isolator, C-Band

Ideal for satellite communication applications, including large vessels that require
uninterrupted connectivity, Renaissance has designed these drop-in isolators, 7.0 – 8.0
GHz and 7.7 – 8.54 GHz. With the capacity to handle a wide temperature range, these
isolators provides consistency and quality for your Satcom needs.

2K7NDB/C Datasheet

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