60 GHz Phase-Locked Transmitter


The HTX60.0-179 Phase-Locked Transmitter operates at a center frequency of 60 GHz, which is the location of the oxygen absorption band where low elevation transmission
losses are approximately 16 dB per kilometer. The Transmitter can be used along with HXI’s HRX60.0-180 Phase-Locked Receiver for propagation studies, material characterization, as an analog communications link or even as an FMCW or
pulsed radar front end.

HXI can offer variations of this transmitter, with options such as a synthesizer in place of a fixed frequency local oscillator, a higher power, higher gain amplifier, the addition of an antenna, etc. We can also provide similar transmitters and receivers from X-Band through 110 GHz.

Phase Locked Transmitter Datasheet

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