21 – 22 GHz Coaxial Isolator, K-band


Looking for a Ka-band isolator for the satellite-on-the move communication systems to enable high-data-rate applications in both the military and commercial sectors?
Renaissance’s 2A9BCG-ROHS is the ideal component that has successfully passed all the necessary qualification requirements.

2A9BCG-ROHS Datasheet

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Balanced Mixers, Series HBM

HXI’s HBM series of broadband balanced mixers covers the waveguide bands from 26.5–
110 GHz. They utilize a low loss structure mated to a matched pair of GaAs Schottky beam lead diodes for minimum conversion loss and maximum bandwidth. Superior LO noise suppression and LO-RF isolation values are inherent design features.

Biased versions are available for use with lower LO drive levels. Related components also available from HXI include LO frequency multipliers and Gunn oscillators/VCOs. An upconverter version of this mixer is available as series HBUC. (These mixers are not reciprocal and cannot operate as upconverters.)

HBM Datasheet

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Planar Detector, 110 – 170 GHz

HFD08-H1 Planar Detector - Farren

HXI’s HFD Series of detectors employs zero biased beamlead Schottky-barrier diodes. Full waveguide band operation is achieved with good sensitivity in a compact unit. HFD units are offered between 18 and 170 GHz. The units are fixed tuned and operate without bias, making them particularly convenient to use. Applications are as sensors for network analyzers and as low cost replacements for power heads.

HFD06P-H1 Datasheet

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