High Frequency Trading Turns to High Frequency Technology to Reduce Latency

Read our article on High Frequency Technology for financial companies engaged in high frequency trading, profitability depends on how quickly trades are executed. Now, new millimeter microwave radio transmitters speed connections between data centers and their markets

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Renaissance Electronics products are online @ http://www.rec-usa.com/Stock.aspx

(January 2013) – Renaissance Electronics Corporation has augmented our customer experience by offering readily available products at favorable prices. You now have immediate access and immediate ordering capability at http://www.rec-usa.com/Stock.aspx. Our strengths are service, support and simplicity, which are enhanced by the Renaissance reputation of quality.

Gigalink LightSpeed Radio Links

In an effort to address customer inputs and in the spirit of our commitment to
continuous improvement, the Renaissance/HXI Extremely Low Latency GigaLink
LightSpeed radio link has been improved for ease of deployment and increased
range performance.

The first major change is an antenna design with improved performance and an
associated robust mounting configuration. The improved antenna efficiency
offers increased range and the superior mount makes antenna installation and
pointing easier, thereby reducing installation costs.

Both one and two foot antennas are now available in easy to connect clip-on designs with dual
polarization for higher capacity up to 2.5 Gbps. Increase in power output and
decrease in receiver noise have led to significant improvements in range and
fade margin. Output power options up to +23 dBm with noise reduction of 2 dB or
more dramatically increase system gain, complemented by the improved

We are currently working toward even higher powers (up to +27 dBm)
for even longer ranges and better fade margins. The increase in range further
improves net system latency which is already among the lowest in the industry.
Latency for back to back radios is less than 4 nanoseconds.

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and http://www.hxi.com/Datasheets/hximodel7651.pdf.

HXI Model 8300 73 GHz Multi-Static FMCW Radar Front End (“RFE”)

The HXI 8300 Radar Front End consists of separate Tx and Rx Modules, that when integrated with the Local Oscillator Module (“LOM”), form the superheterodyne portion of a fully coherent, linearized, ultra-wideband, FMCW, Monostatic, Bistatic, or Multistatic, radar. The LOM directly supports a maximum of eight Tx or Rx Modules – in any combination – that connect via. 10 ft. long small diameter coaxial cables, which also permit movement between
modules during data collection. More Tx and/or Rx Modules can be added, at any time, by adding extra amplifiers and power dividers to drive the additional Modules. Switchable polarizers and antennas are also available. The RFE modules use “breadboard” construction and are intended to support lab-quality data collection efforts in indoor or sheltered outdoor environments. Miniaturized, weather-proof versions are optionally available.

• Fully Coherent
• Closed-Loop Linearized
• 70-77 GHz FM Sweep Bandwidth
• 8 Tx and Rx Modules Simultaneously Supported, in any
combination, up to 10 ft. apart – Standard
• 64 Tx and Rx Modules Simultaneously Supported, in any
combination, up to 20 ft. apart – Optional
• Supports simultaneous multi-illumination, multi-look

New Website for HXI Product Line

December, 2011 (Harvard, MA) Renaissance Electronics and HXI are happy to unveil the new revamped website for HXI products (www.hxi.com) which offers, among other things, a comprehensive catalog of products. It also offers options to search data sheets by keywords, send enquiries online and sign up for the newsletter that provides regular product updates.